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Landscape Services

Landscape Services Celina, TX

AMA Landscape & Design specializes in residential and commercial landscape design, installation, maintenance, and renovation. We have highly skilled landscaping professionals with lengthy experience handling all facets of landscape improvement. Our goal is to earn every customer’s trust and we do this by ensuring that our work quality is topnotch. If you demand nothing but the best results from your specific landscaping or property improvement concerns, then we’re the best place to go. Call us at (214) 592-5504 or (972) 814-8686 to learn more about the services that we provide.

Residential Landscaping

Our company offers complete landscaping services for residential clients across Texas. We employ landscaping techniques such as xeriscaping to help clients lower their irrigation bills. We customize landscapes based on our clients’ needs and ensure that only the finest materials and landscaping supplies are used in the landscape settings that we work on. Our crews guarantee a complete landscape by including water and fire features, hardscapes, outdoor living amenities, and other features that the client needs. Our company has completed numerous residential landscaping tasks through the years, thus making us a trusted name in this discipline. Read More About Residential Landscaping >>

Commercial Landscaping

We can make your business more appealing to your clients by creating a professionally designed landscape. Among the features that we recommend for commercial landscapes are themed gardens, view decks, artificial waterfalls and koi ponds, fountains, gazebos, and patios. Our commercial landscaping services will help you offer relaxing amenities to your patrons, so they will keep coming back. With us, your establishment will be the ultimate go-to place for clients who need a place where they can do business and experience pleasure and relaxation at once. Read More About Commercial Landscaping >>

Landscape Maintenance

Our landscaping personnel can handle landscape maintenance tasks for residential and commercial properties, and even for large estates. The maintenance tasks that we can handle include mowing, disease treatment, trimming/pruning, seasonal cleanup, core aeration, over seeding, fertilization, trip hazard removal, winterization, hardscape/irrigation maintenance, and leaf removal. Call us if you have other maintenance concerns. Read More About Landscape Maintenance >>

Erosion Control

If you have hilly areas or spots with unstable soil around your property, then you need to build erosion control structures. When you hire us, we can make your property safer and more functional with our proven erosion control methods, such as installing retaining walls, silt fence, lot clearing, and Curlex blanket. We can also plant groundcovers and other greens that will help stabilize the loose soil in your yard. This way, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your yard is safe and secure from potentially damaging erosion. Read More About Erosion Control >>


Arbors combine both form and function in one neat package, thus making them a great addition to your landscape. Arbors are wood structures that provide shade, privacy, and aesthetic lift to any landscape. Our skilled installers can install your preferred arbor in strategic areas around your yard. You may choose between custom made or prefab arbors and we’ll install them for you using high quality materials. We can even add some accessories such as outdoor lights and furniture to make it more functional and inviting. Read More About Arbors >>

Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor kitchens are among the best outdoor living spaces for your outdoors. We can design and build simple to fully-furnished kitchen setup, whichever you desire. You may pick any of these layout options: straight line, U-shape, L-shape, Kitchen Island, and semi-circle. We can also go for a non-traditional layout to make your kitchen unique. When it comes to accessories, we suggest grills/rotisserie, ovens, storage cabinets, dining tables and chairs, freezer, and mini bar. If you want a weather-proof outdoor kitchen, we can add roofing or a pergola. Read More About Outdoor Kitchens >>

Outdoor Fireplaces

We have been designing and building custom fireplaces for commercial and private residences across the state. We install them in the right spots and add the right features and accessories so clients and their patrons or guests will feel absolute comfort. We can add log holders, screens, grates and toolsets, hearth rugs, and doors. The outdoor fireplaces that we create are not just functional, they are also highly decorative. Essentially, they add to the overall beauty of the property where they’re installed. We use only high quality and durable materials to ensure the durability of the fire features we install. Read More About Outdoor Fireplaces >>

Outdoor Lighting

Do you want a more appealing, safer landscape at night? If you do, then let us install outdoor lighting in strategic areas around your property. We can create themed lighting setup to achieve a specific mood and appeal. Our technicians use different lighting techniques and top-quality lighting products, hence making the landscape not only safe for occupants, but also inviting to everyone. We also use energy efficient lighting to reduce your monthly electric bill. Read More About Outdoor Lighting >>

Tree List

Trees have long been considered nature’s air conditioning units, so it makes sense to have them in any landscape. Not only do they make properties cooler, they also help absorb harmful carbon dioxide and emit oxygen that humans need to survive. And here at AMA Landscape & Design, we can install your preferred tree species following prescribed planting procedures to ensure that they will survive and thrive well. Some of the tree species that we can install in your landscape include Ligustrum, Cypress, Elm, Magnolia, Chinese Pistachio, Cleveland Select Pear, Crape Myrtle, Holly, Eastern Red Bud, Oak, Maple, Mature Spartan juniper, and Texas Ash. Browse our tree list page to see more varieties of our shade and fruit-bearing trees. Read More About Tree List >>

Plant List

We have steady partnerships with reputable nurseries that allow us to source any plant species that clients like you may want. Our plant list has some of the most common plant varieties that grow well in Texas landscape. Your options include Abelia, Caladiums, Autumn Fern, Ajuga, Althea, White Alyssum, Asian Jasmine, Barberry, Begonia, Birds of Paradise Red, Buddeliah Butterfly Bush, Austrian Pine, Burford Holly Dwarf, Agave, Buxus Baby Gem, Andorra Juniper, Camellia Sasanqua, and many other flowering plants. Please call us if you are looking for a specific annual or perennial. Read More About Plant List >>

Stone List

Most people are easily captivated by the beauty of natural stones. And here at AMA Landscape & Design, we highly recommend using stones on landscaping projects, particularly on garden areas, walkways, patios, sitting/retaining walls, driveways, and ponds. Some of the stones that we highly recommend for landscaping are boulders, building stone, flagstone, cobble stone and pebbles, chopped stone, decorative gravel, and stone slabs. Read More About Stone List >>

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